Salish Honey

Salish Honey

  • Straight from the 12 hives that make up our apiary at Salish Lodge & Spa, comes this incredible elixir!  This year our Italian honey bees provided our first spring harvest in June due to unseasonably warm weather.  This harvest yielded a honey perfectly amber in color that also delivers an orange blossom/citrus finish on the tongue. 

The honey is raw and has "impurities" that may appear as cloudiness and/or dark specks.  The impurities are made up of pollen that naturally remains in pure honey.  The pollen is not harmful and is a sign of really great honey.  Color of honey will also vary, actually as it is dependent upon which of the 12 hives the honey is extracted, and also what the bees of that given hive have been eating. 


*Due to the impact of Covid-19 on many supply chains , honey jar shapes are subject to change. However the amount of product filled in the jar is still the same.